Atika Cerámicas presents a new project


Atika Cerámicas presents a new project: a residential bathroom of one of our clients in the Triana area. It is a white bathroom in which the other elements stand out. The sink consists of a single piece of anthracite gray resin. Above it, the square faucet with open cascade stands out, matching the chromed valve, the siphon and the square shower faucet that follows the same lines.

For the bathing area, a work shower tray with a full elongated grid has been placed since this type of grilles comes with all the necessary elements to waterproof the shower area. Ideal also the "ambrogio" swivel closet-column, the most suitable option to store your things in the bathroom while achieving a beautiful aesthetic finish.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the niche of the shower in stainless steel, an ideal alternative to put the bath products without having to do great works and thus get to have a niche in the bathroom.